Riverdale Restaurant Week Terms and Conditions

Riverdale Restaurant Week returns this October!

Register your restaurant now to take part. 

If you have any questions, please email info@dineoutriverdale.com

El formulario de registro únicamente está disponible en inglés. Si necesitas ayuda para completarlo, envía un mensaje a info@dineoutriverdale.com y un miembro de nuestro equipo se pondrá en contacto contigo. 

You must agree to all of the following terms and conditions:

Dine Out Riverdale reserves the right to accept or reject any business from the program. Any restaurant in the Riverdale, Bronx area may participate (excluding national fast food chains and dessert-only establishments). All submitted offers will be subject to review and approval. Your business may be removed from the program if found to be in violation of any program guidelines. 

Key Deadlines


    • Registration and Logo Submission: September 8, 2023  (Restaurants that register after this deadline may not be included in all promotional elements or be live for program launch) 
    • Menu Submission: September 15, 2023 (to guarantee inclusion for launch. Menus submitted after this will be uploaded in the order received on a rolling basis. No guarantee they will be included.) 
    • Payment Due: September 8, 2023.
    • Menu submissions not included with payment must be submitted via dineoutriverdale.com/fall2023upload.  Submission via any other means will not be accepted.

Program Dates


    • Program Live: October 14, 2023 – October 21, 2023.

    • Promotion during Restaurant Opening Hours Mandatory.

    • Restaurants must be open at least until 8:00pm during promotion.

    • Restaurants may opt for lunch only, dinner only, or both

    • On-site dining only. Takeout and delivery will not be promoted during Riverdale Restaurant Week. Restaurants may offer and promote independently. 

Menu Pricing


    • Restaurants wishing to participate in Lunch Service must include a 2 course pre-fixe for Lunch

    • Restaurants wishing to participate in Dinner Service must include a 3 course pre-fixe for Lunch

    • Restaurants wishing to participate must offer AT LEAST 10% OFF their regular prices.

    • Alcohol is permitted to be part of the Pre-Fixe Menu. Restaurants must have a substitution available for non-alcohol drinkers.

    • Taxes and gratuity are not included. 

    • You must select one price point per meal time. You may not offer multiple price points for the same meal. 

Participation Fee

Dine Out Riverdale recognizes these past few years have been a challenging time across the restaurant industry and wanted to do all we could to help as many restaurants as possible with our programming for the last two programs. Participation fees for Riverdale Restaurant Week are crucial for the continued success of the program.

The Restaurant Participation fee for this Program is $100.

Payment can be made via credit card online or you can request an invoice. This invoice will be emailed to you after registration and payment has been completed. Payment must be made on or prior to the Key Deadlines listed above, to guarantee inclusion for launch. Fee is for Program Live Dates only. Participation fees are nonrefundable. 


    • Riverdale Restaurant Week is designed for restaurants in the Riverdale Area only as defined by Dine Out Riverdale.

    • Flexis Media, LLC will be collecting and distributing funds for this event.

    • You acknowledge that, by agreeing to participate in Dine Out Riverdale’s Restaurant Week Campaign currently entitled RIVERDALE RESTAURANT WEEK (“Effort”), your business will adhere to all terms and conditions Dine Out Riverdale provides for the Effort, including but not limited to


    1. all patrons are eligible to participate in the Effort; 

    1. the Effort must run continuously and for the entirety of the Effort time period as specified above; 

    1. you agree to redeem any valid offer presented. For the avoidance of doubt, although all patrons are eligible for the Effort


    • Deliverables: By participating and adhering to the deadlines above, you will be included in the Riverdale Restaurant Week Map and a web page for your restaurant with menu(s) on DineOutRiverdale.com.

    • You agree to release Dine Out Riverdale, Flexis Media, LLC, 4Bronx Project (“The Organizers”) and each of their agents, partners or subcontractors (the “RRWPartners”) from any liability or claim arising out of any use arising from the Effort and and to indemnify and hold the RRW Partners harmless, including each of their respective directors and agents, from and against all liability, suits, penalties or actions, including all costs and expenses arising out of or resulting from your participation in the Effort. The Organizers are not responsible for any errors, omissions, incorrect information or other misprints that may appear in materials or information.

    • You agree that there is no guarantee for additional social media or traditional media coverage for your participation. 

    • You acknowledge and agree that any information shared with The Organizers  in relation to the Effort, may be shared interchangeably between The Organizers. In addition, by agreeing to participate in the Effort, you consent to receiving future email communication regarding the Effort from any of the Organizers..

    • You acknowledge that RIVERDALE RESTAURANT WEEK is a proprietary program of Dine Out Riverdale. The words and logo are service marks of Dine Out Riverdale. You agree to not use the name, logo, trademarks, service marks or other proprietary marks or intellectual property of Dine Out Riverdale or other Organizers without prior written approval in each instance.

    • You grant a royalty-free nonexclusive license to use your trademarks, including corporate logos and name to: (i) the Organizers in connection with the Effort; and (ii) Dine Out Riverdale to use in the promotion of New York City and its boroughs. 

    • You represent and warrant that any materials, including such artwork, content, images, photos, videos or logos that you provide (i) are fully owned by you or you have the right to grant such use, as well any content within the material, including the images of any person and that they are 18 years or older; and (ii) The Organizers are each authorized to use such materials in connection with the Effort; and (iii) Dine Out Riverdale is authorized to use such materials in connection with the promotion of New York City and its boroughs, including but not limited to, website, social media, press releases, newsletters, out of home media and third party distribution.

    • Changes to the Effort or cancellation of the Effort may be made at Dine Out Riverdale’s sole discretion. We will notify you if there are any updates to the Effort.


The Dine Out Riverdale website will include disclaimer language similar to the following: 

Dine Out Riverdale makes no representations or warranties about the information provided in the Riverdale RESTAURANT WEEK website or other related collateral. 

Dine Out Riverdale  hereby disclaims any responsibility and/or liability for failure by any third party to honor the offer or for any errors, omissions, incorrect information, or other misprints that may appear. Offers are subject to availability and blackout dates may apply. Offers cannot be combined with other promotions, savings or offers, and do not include tax, gratuities or service charges. Additional restrictions may apply. 

Content of the final General Disclaimer language may be subject to change at the sole discretion of Dine Out Riverdale.

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